We want to make the world a better place. We do this by empowering people to reflect on their own behaviour, to discuss, rethink and ultimately change it in interaction with others. We are convinced that self-reflection, the attitude and the will to learn as well as the empowerment to change one’s own behaviour are crucial for a coexistence based on humanistic values. Through our work, we support our clients in actively doing this. We live what we teach and also initiate a social discourse on these values – through our positioning and communication.


If every person reflects on his or her behaviour in a sustainable way, works continuously on him or herself and has the will and the ability to develop, this leads to a better world.


Talenthelden does not work with companies and organisations whose business activities are against the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Companies and organisations that are not compatible with Talenthelden’s values due to their business model or portfolio of offerings have no place on our client list. This includes, for example, the tobacco, gambling or weapons industries, but also companies and organisations that do not allow fair cooperation with employees and/or suppliers. We refuse to cooperate with companies that have declared themselves against equal cooperation between women and men (“target zero”) – unless we support them in creating framework conditions that enable equal cooperation.

Talenthelden Team

To make your Journey an unforgettable experience, we employ people who are experienced specialists in their field. Your Journey team consists of certified coaches, passionate psychologists, agile developers, creative designers, inspiring communication scientists and a visionary chief pilot. Driven by vision and values, together they give their all to develop more talents into heroes – with heart, mind and passion.


You want to change the (working) world positively and sustainably as a coach and are interested in a long-term and value-based cooperation? Then get in touch and let’s develop talents into heroes together.