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Talenthelden move the big picture. Every person in your company will be empowered by us to change their own behaviour sustainably and thus be part of a successful transformation. How? With a unique method that measurably and demonstrably leads to behavioural changes. In combination with professional and didactic expertise as well as many years of experience, this ensures individual commitment with a systemic effect in your organisation.

We understand how organisational learning can be individual, sustainable, online and face-toface. Sustainable change succeeds better when competence development and mindset expansion are fun and inspiring. This is exactly what Talenthelden is committed to and generates real added value for the world of work as well as for society.

Happy Clients



On each Journey, tasks (quests) have to be solved and stations (check-ins) have to be passed through. The mix of social interactions with top coaches and competence-oriented challenges guarantee success.


Each Journey consists of different quests, a pre-defined task. Each quest has a concrete
reference to the personal working environment of the traveller and follows sound didactic standards.


In 1:1 conversations with the personal travel companion, a qualified coach, solution strategies for quests are developed, experiences and experiences are questioned and made conscious.



  • Living corporate values
  • Ready4agile
  • Agile Authority
  • Clash of Cultures
  • Ownership
  • Growth Mindset
  • Enabling innovation
  • Leading in a dynamic environment
  • Customer Orientation


  • Sustainability
  • Realising Vision
  • Resilient Team
  • Leader of Leaders
  • Leading in change
  • Digital Leadership
  • New Leader
  • The Female Leader
  • Value Orientation
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders


  • Creating Diversity
  • Female Empowerment
    (for women)
  • Female Empowerment
    (for men)
  • Back from parental leave
  • Resilience
  • Collaboration & teamwork
  • Gender Shift
  • Living the New Work


Enablement-Specialists with

passion a vision heart and soul


A world in which more self-reflection and systemic thinking and action lead to a humanistic togetherness.


We enable people in organisations to jointly shape an environment in which innovation, progress and humanity succeed. For this purpose, we develop formats that, due to the methodical-didactic approach, lead to the reflection of one’s own thinking and actions. Through this conscious behaviour, the participants create a working environment based on clearly defined metrics in which they work together successfully, productively, innovatively and humanly to create tangible added value.

Motivation & Values

Talenthelden are one thing above all: HUMAN. Everything they think and do focuses on you and the people in your organisation. Talent heroes are companions where respect, honesty, empathy, trust and confidence as well as appreciation are lived.

Talenthelden do not work for everyone – shared values are a prerequisite. But when they work for you, they give everything for your long-term success. They unleash the positive forces in your company – they develop your talents into heroes.

Heroes with benefits

Learning is a critical strategic factor for organisational success. Surviving and growing in today’s world depends on a fundamental change – becoming more agile. The Talenthelden development journeys support in making this change successful.


  • Measurable behavioural change that has a long-term and systemic effect
  • Securing competitiveness – through individual empowerment of the people in your organisation


  • Talenthelden Journeys have an effect – noticeable and sustainable
  • Transformation succeeds with us
  • Only when you are 100% satisfied with the Journey design do we get started

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